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Suspected Child Maltreatment Report

  1. This form is used as the follow-up written report to the required verbal report by mandated reporters.
  2. Nature of allegation
  3. Please include city, state, and county.
  4. e.g. family home, facility, or other
  5. Alleged Victim #1
  6. Native American Heritage
  7. Alleged Victim #2
  8. Native American Heritage
  9. Please provide names, DOB, gender, school, phone#, and address.
  10. Include description of injuries, location of injuries, dates and locations of incidents, what was observed, etc.
  11. Include details regarding what efforts the school has made to engage the family to problem solve and eliminate barriers preventing students from meeting attendance requirements.
  12. Parent/Guardian #1
  13. Parent/Guardian #2
  14. Alleged Perpetrator #1
  15. Enter Perpetrator 2 Information: Full Name, Age, Date of Birth, Relationship to Victim, Phone Number & Address 

  16. Reporter Information
  17. Mandated Reporter?
  18. Please Note
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