Property Tax Information - Payment

You may pay your property taxes using the following methods:

  • By mail - Mail your Property Tax payment directly to us
  • Credit Card or eCheck - Pay by credit card via the Internet or telephone
  • Direct Payment - Property taxes can be automatically deducted from your checking or savings account
  • In person - Property Taxes can be paid at the Sherburne County Government Center
  • Escrowed - Your taxes may be included in your mortgage payment.
  • New Property Tax Law Change - Property owners of real property with taxes on an individual parcel exceeding $100 may be eligible to make installment payments.

Mail Payment Option

Your payment must be postmarked on or before the due date or penalties will apply. Checks should be made payable to the Sherburne County Auditor/Treasurer. If your tax payment is past due, please contact Property Tax Information to determine the amount of penalty you must include with your payment.

Please use the mailing address listed to the left.

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Credit Card or eCheck Payment Option

Property taxes can be paid by credit card or by eCheck via the Internet through Forte.

Forte will accept these credit cards or enter your check information to pay by eCheck:

Visa MasterCard American Express Discover

Follow the easy instructions to make your payment at your convenience:

  • You will be asked to input your Property Identification Number (PID#), so you should have your property tax statement available.
  • Forte will charge an additional convenience fee when you pay by credit card or by eCheck.

    The following convenience fees apply to all Credit Card or eCheck transactions:
    • Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express: 2.35% of tax amount with a minimum fee of $1.95
    • eChecks: $1.50/transaction
  • For further information, please call Property Tax Information at 763-765-4352 or 1-800-438-0575.
  • You will be notified of the amount prior to completing the credit card/eCheck transaction.

Credit card payments may also be made via telephone through Forte at
1-877-690-3729. Please use jurisdiction code #3307 to complete the telephone transaction.

Please contact the Forte Customer Service Department if you encounter any problems paying with your credit card.

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Direct Payment Option

Real Estate and Personal Property current year tax payments will be deducted from your bank account on due dates, until you give us a written request to be removed from this program. Signup must be completed 30 days prior to the initial payment due date.

  1. Complete the Authorization Form PDF to approve automatic tax payment from your checking or savings account.
  2. Attach a voided check or savings withdrawal slip to the Authorization Form.
  3. Mail the completed documentation to the Auditor/Treasurer by April 15th for the first half payment or September 15th for the second half payment.
  4. Your property tax payments will automatically be deducted from the authorized account according to the following Schedule:

    May 15th - First Half of the annual tax payment or the entire amount if stated on your tax statement.

    October 15th - Second half of the annual tax payment (Non-ag parcels only)

    November 15th Second half of the annual tax payment (Ag parcels only)

    If the 15th falls on a weekend or a bank holiday, the payment will automatically be withdrawn the following business day. Proof of payment will appear on your bank statement.

Written notification to the County Auditor/Treasurer Department is required to cancel your authorization or change you banking information. Your cancellation/change must be received by April 15th to be effective for the first half payment or by September 15th to be effective for the second half payment.

Please mail notifications to the address listed in the left sidebar.

If you are unable to print out the Authorization Form please call our office and we will send you a form. If you do not receive a letter confirming your Authorization Form was received, please call out office at 763-765-4352 or 1-800-438-0575.

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In Person Payment Option

Property taxes can be paid by check or cash at the Property Tax Division of the Auditor/Treasurer's Office, located at the Sherburne County Government Center. (Directions)

Office Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

For further information about paying property taxes in person, please call Property Tax Information at 763-765-4352 or 1-800-438-0575.

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Escrowed tax payment option

Your lending institution may be escrowing your taxes for you. This means that you are paying a portion of your property tax in every mortgage payment you make to them. Your tax money is being kept in a special escrow account. The escrow agent at your mortgage company is responsible for paying your property taxes by the due date.

If you aren't certain if your property taxes are escrowed, contact your mortgage company or lending institution.

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