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Watercraft Inspection Request

  1. Lake service provider?
  2. 84D.01 Subd. 15a. Service provider. (REQUIRED IF TRANSPORTING EQUIPMENT)
    "Service provider" means an individual who or entity that: (1) decontaminates, installs, or removes water-related equipment or structures into or from waters of the state for hire or as a service provided as a benefit of membership in a yacht club, boat club, marina, or similar organization; or (2) rents or leases water-related equipment that will be used in, placed into, or removed from waters of the state.
    Subpart 1. Condition and equipment of rental watercraft. Condition and equipment of rental watercraft: A. No watercraft which is in a broken, rotten, or otherwise hazardous condition, including any accessory equipment, shall be rented or offered for rent. B. No watercraft shall be rented or offered for rent unless it meets the flotation requirements for its year of manufacture, found in Code of Federal Regulations, title 33, part 183, subparts F, G, and H. C. No watercraft shall be rented or offered for rent unless it is free of spilled gasoline and oil. D. No watercraft which has been rented shall be permitted to depart from the premises at which it was rented if it is loaded beyond its safe carrying capacity or powered beyond its safe power capacity. E. No other number, letter, design, or insignia shall be displayed on either side of any such watercraft which is closer than 24 inches to any part of the watercraft license number or validation decal. F. The owner of a business which rents, leases, or hires out watercraft shall provide for each person on board the watercraft all lifesaving devices required by law or these rules, as well as all other required safety equipment for each watercraft. Subpart. 2. Persons to whom watercraft may be rented. No watercraft shall be knowingly rented or offered for rent to any person who is under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance.
  4. Items to be checked may include, but are not limited to:
    Hull ID Number; Registration Number, expiration; Overall condition of watercraft; Manufacturer capacity plate present?; No spilled oil/gasoline or leaks present?: Registration clearly displayed?; PFD’s and Type IV (16’ or longer) present?; Fire extinguisher (B-I) charged and present (enclosed fuel tank)?; Engine compartment ventilation equipment?; Watercraft horn or signaling device working (motorboat 16’ or longer)?: Navigation lights working?
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