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C.A.R.S- Child and Restraint System Training Registration

  1. C.A.R.S.-Child and Restraint Systems Training Registration

    For Childcare and Foster Care Providers

  2. We require enrollment within Develop database. Develop is free, and the website is where we complete your participation of the C.A.R.S. class. This will be important for your records. Continue registration, information will be provided below.
  3. The class provided is $30 per participant, with payment option of cash or check. Payment option will be provided in confirmation email provided by staff.
  4. If multiple participants, please register each individually

  6. Are you a Daycare or Foster Care Provider?*


  7. If Foster/Daycare, respond NA

  8. No Develop ID, respond NA. After submission of this registration, you will be brought to the Sherburne County website to access the Develop website to register for your free account. 

  9. Registration is not complete until you have received an email confirmation with payment instructions from a Sherburne County Employee. Class is $30 per participant. After submission, you will be directed to the Sherburne County Child Passenger Safety page. Find the link to register for for a develop ID per participant..

    You should receive an email in 2 business days

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