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  1. 1. Information
  2. 2. Minimum Requirements
  3. 3. Applicant Information
  4. 4. Business Information
  5. 5. Financial Information
  6. 6. COVID-19 Impact
  7. 7. Supporting Documents & Grant Report
  8. 8. Data Privacy & Applicant Acknowledgements
  • Information

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    2. Rent & Mortgage Relief Fund Guidelines

      The purpose of the Sherburne County Rent & Mortgage Relief Fund is to provide temporary support to local businesses and non-profits adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The County’s goal is to help businesses survive the economic crisis caused by the pandemic and to provide a means for them to re-open under public health guidance and protocols. The Rent & Mortgage Relief Fund will be administered through the County Administrator’s office. Business owners who have questions or need assistance in completing applications should contact:

        Sherburne County Administration
        Attn: Dan Weber, Assistant County Administrator
        13880 Business Center
        Elk River, MN 55330

      Businesses and non-profits are also strongly encouraged to apply for all other available COVID-19 related funding such as the Business Administration Economic Injury Disaster Loan, the Paycheck Protection Program, and the State of Minnesota Business Emergency Loan program. Businesses applying for funds through these programs are still eligible to receive a grant from the County, but may not use County grant funds for eligible expenses covered by other Local, State or Federal funds.

    3. Eligible Businesses & Non-Profits

      Businesses and non-profits must meet all of the following criteria as of March 1, 2020 to be eligible for grant funds:

      1. Be able to demonstrate that the business was directly and adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.
      2. Have a physical commercial or industrial location in Sherburne County.
      3. Be registered with the Minnesota Secretary of State and not be debarred by the State of Minnesota.
      4. Have no more than fifty FTE employees at the location address.
      5. Be current on all property taxes, bills, or charges due to the County from February 1, 2020 or prior.
      6. Business Established prior to February 1, 2020
      7. Lease/Loans executed prior to March 1, 2020
      8. Only the rental portion of a commercial lease would qualify for the program

      Ineligible businesses and leases include the following (this is a non-exclusive list):
      • Corporate chains and/or multi-state chains
      • Businesses that derive income from passive investments; real estate transactions; property rentals or property management; billboards; or lobbying
      • Recipients of the Sherburne County Business Relief Fund
      • Leases extensions entered into after September 1, 2020

    4. Amount of Grant and Use of Grant Funds

      Eligible businesses and non-profits may receive 50% of monthly rent/mortgage payment not to exceed $1,500 per month for the months of March 1, 2020 – November 30, 2020 (max $13,500) based on demonstrated need and for use on rent or mortgage expenses.

      Documented subleases are eligible for the program.

      The County will determine in its discretion the appropriate amount of a grant and the eligible costs and expenses for each eligible business.

    5. Application Process

      Applications will be accepted beginning September 8 through September 30, 2020.

      • Applicants must submit an application form via the web available here: __________.
      • Applicants must include the following information:
        1. Basic details about the business; Information on current operations
        2. including whether the business is currently closed or is providing reduced services;
        3. Narrative descriptions and estimated calculations of the negative impacts on the business due to COVID-19; and
        4. Letter of distress from landlord or lender
        5. If rental, an executed copy of the lease would need to be provided
      • Applicants will be notified within approximately two weeks is the application is approved.
      • Approved applicants will submit grant award directly to the landlord or lender.
      • Applicants must submit the following:
        1. 2019 Federal Business Tax Return or appropriate Business Tax Schedule, or substitute documentation of revenue if 2019 Return is not yet completed;
        2. Evidence of revenue loss related to COVID 19 or other documentation demonstrating the impact the COVID-19 pandemic.
        3. Any additional documentation or information deemed necessary by County Administration to determine eligibility, generate grant documents, disburse grant proceeds, or meet program reporting requirements.
      • The failure to submit required documentation will result in forfeiture of grant award.
      • Applicant must be in commercial space or be a permitted business operating from a residential property. If residential, the rent/mortgage expense must be delineated.

    6. Reporting

      Businesses and non-profit owners/leaders receiving grant funds must sign an agreement form acknowledging that the business will use the grant funds only for eligible costs and expenses not already covered by other Federal, State or Local funds and agreeing to provide a report to the County on the use of the grant funds. The County will require business owners to provide proof that grant funds were used only for eligible costs and expenses.