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Sherburne County Board of Commissioners Request to Speak Form

  1. If you would like to speak to the Board during its scheduled Open Forum, but are unable to come to the Government Center to address the County Board in person, you can fill out this form and submit your comments in writing. The comments will then be presented to the Board of Commissioners during the Open Forum portion of the meeting agenda. Please note that the rules and procedures that apply to in-person Open Forum comments also apply to Open Forum written comments. The purpose of the Open Forum section of the County Board Meeting is to allow public input and/or information to be presented to the Board that does not require action by the Board. Personal attacks of any kind against another person are not allowed and campaign-type presentations are not allowed. All input or information must be addressed to the Board of Commissioners and not to other persons. Open Forum comments and any documents provided with the comments are public information. Any information provided to the County Board on a matter that is subject to a public hearing will not be considered by the Board during Open Forum and the Board will not engage in discussion or conversation on the topic. Written Open Forum comments may be summarized or included as part of a general description with other written comments received. To be included in the Open Forum portion of a meeting, the written comments must be submitted by 8 a.m. on the day of the Board meeting. Full copies of the comments will be shared with the Board of Commissioners during the Open Forum agenda item.
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