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  1. Sherburne County Board of Commissioners Request to Speak Form

    Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we have limited the number of people who can be present at County Board meetings. If you would like to... More…

County Attorney Encrypted

  1. TIP Confirmation Form

    Complete this form after reviewing the TIPS program video.

Planning and Zoning

  1. Building Permit Application

    Application for Roofing, Siding, Window Replacement, Garage Door, Gas Mechanical and Fireplace Building Permits.

Public Works

  1. Story Stroll in the Park

    It’s a Story Stroll in the Park! We are excited to be partnering with Great River Regional Library to launch this new program in your... More…

Sheriff's Office

  1. Foreclosure Inquiries 2018 and Older

    Please fill out the form below if inquiring about foreclosures that happened in 2018 or earlier.

  2. Sherburne County Sheriff's Office Reserve Application
  1. Residential Check Form

    When residents are away from their home, the sheriff's office will conduct checks of their property to assure all is well.

  2. Watercraft Inspection Request