What are the fees for Driver's License and Identification cards?

To apply for or to Renew a Driver's License or State Identification

  • Class A regular: $44.25
  • Class A under 21: $24.25
  • Class B regular / under 21: $36.25
  • Class C regular / under 21: $29.25
  • Class D regular / under 21: $25.25
  • Provisional: $21.75 ($3.50 credit)
  • Instruction Permit: $13.25

        Lost/Stolen/Address Change/Duplicate Fee: $14.75

Endorsement Fees

  • Motorcycle renewal: $13
  • School Bus original / renewal: $4

State Identification Fees

  • Under age 65: $19.25
  • Age 65 and older: $16.50
  • Reduced Fee ID: $ .50

A Reduced Fee Identification Card is available to persons with a physical or developmental disability or qualified mental illness. To qualify, you must submit a completed Eligibility Form 

For more information, visit the driver's license page.

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