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Great Northern Trail

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The Great Northern Trail is a newly expanded paved surface popular for biking, inline skating and walking.  The paved length extends 8.5 miles from the south end in Elk River to Lion’s Park in Zimmerman and is only the start of a vision to complete trail construction on the entirety of the original 30 mile historic railroad bed where it would terminate in Milaca.  Partners have been working together to solicit input on the future expansion and plan according to community needs.

Parking for the paved portion is provided in 4 locations.

Great Northern Trail Master Plan Study Overview

The purpose of the Great Northern Trail Master Plan is to define a preferred alignment for the 30-Mile Great Northern Trail corridor that extends from Elk River to Milaca. The southmost 9 miles of trail are paved from Elk River to Zimmerman, as well as a 2 mile segment through the City of Princeton. Click Here for the Master Plan Study Overview Sheet.