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Bridgeview Park Reserve


Bridgeview County Park Bird List

Bridgeview Trail Guide (PDF)


  1. Bird watching
  2. Hiking
  3. Scenic Views
  4. Snowshoeing

About the Park

This low-impact park offers a lovely 1-mile hike on rolling topography through restored prairie, oak savanna and oak forest.  View bald eagles, trumpeter swans and the occasional otter from vistas along 1,200 feet of the Mississippi River’s Wild and Scenic Corridor.

Park Rules and Ordinance

To ensure safety and enjoyment for all park visitors, the County thanks you for observing the rules of the park ordinance.

Please stay on designated trails

All pets must be on a leash not longer than 6 feet

Please pick up after your pets


  • Motorized vehicles
  • Hunting
  • Camping
  • Fires (unless in designated fire ring)
  • Digging, transplanting of plants or other soil disturbance
  • Littering or dumping