What if the County Assessor questions my homestead status?

In a case where the county assessor doubts a owner is actually occupying the residence as their primary residence, the assessor has the right to require from the person claiming homestead, proof by affidavit or by one of the following factors:

  1. Where the taxpayer is registered to vote
  2. Where the taxpayer's mail is delivered
  3. The address on the taxpayer's license
  4. Whether the taxpayer lived on the property continuously
  5. Where the taxpayer works
  6. Whether the taxpayer continuously maintained the property
  7. Whether the taxpayer has any other residences in the state of Minnesota where they can claim homestead exemption
  8. Whether the taxpayer has applied for or received any rent credits that are available for renting an apartment in Minnesota
  9. The address on the taxpayers motor vehicle license
  10. The location of the taxpayers bank accounts
  11. The address of the taxpayers fishing or hunting licenses and whether they purchased as a resident or non-resident

The taxpayer does not need to meet all of the qualifications. If the assessor is still questioning the homestead status, the property should be classified as non-homestead and allow the taxpayer to make appeals. For further information, contact the Assessor's office.

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