What do I need to bring with me to apply to get a REAL ID/DL?

Please make sure you have all the proper documents with you when you apply for the 1st time for a REAL ID/DL.     Specific Documents Requirements

  • If you already have a REAL ID you do not need to bring in your documents again unless you have a name change or address change.  Name change should be done with Social Security Office first.   Address Changes must have 2 proofs of residency from the list above of new address. 

  •   If you have VALID Minnesota PHOTO driver’s license, permit, or ID: Is not expired, suspended, revoked, or canceled, and not disqualified for the class of vehicle being operated. Minn. Stat. § 171.01, sub. 49a.
  •  You must provide original documents or documents certified by the agency that issued them. Digital documents shown on your phone or other electronic device will not be accepted.
  •  If your name has changed, you must submit proof of each name change. Acceptable proof includes a certified copy of a marriage certificate, divorce decree or dissolution of marriage, or a court-ordered name change
  •  Two different document types must be submitted for PROOF OF MINNESOTA RESIDENCY. A P.O. Box will not be accepted as an address for proof of Minnesota Residency.
  •   If you have not updated your name change with the Social Security Administration, you must do so prior to applying for a Real ID. 
  •  Laminated documents or documents with any alterations or erasures will not be accepted. 

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