How is this related to health reform?

State Health Improvement Partnership - Interventions

  • Community
    People are ultimately responsible for the lifestyle choices they make related to health. However, the best predictor of health behavior and long-lasting successful behavior change is often the community in which a person lives
  • Healthcare
    In order to improve the health of Minnesotans and reduce health care costs, it is critical that Minnesota’s health care systems make reducing obesity and tobacco use a top priority.
  • Schools
    School-age children and youth spend roughly half of their waking hours in school. By creating school systems that continue to support healthy school environments and model healthy behavior, everyone benefits.
  • Worksite
    Businesses and worksites are a vital part of wellness efforts, uniquely situated to help support healthy behavior among employees. A comprehensive worksite wellness effort strives to reach all employees regardless of health status.

For more information on the State Health Improvement Partnership (SHIP), contact Health and Human Services.

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1. Is this some sort of program?
2. How is this related to health reform?