How do I apply for VA burial benefits?

Your DD214 (Discharge Paper) is the key document that determines your eligibility for burial benefits. It is important to secure this document and make sure your family is able to locate it. Burial benefits provide for an allowance that may be authorized for the reimbursement of the funeral and burial expenses of an eligible veteran and limited benefits for a spouse. The following allowances fall under this category:

  • Burial in a National or State Cemetery
  • Burial or Cremation Allowance
  • Headstones and Markers
  • Memorial Plots
  • Plot or Internment Allowance
  • Presidential Memorial Certificates
  • Transportation of Remains
  • United States Flag

There are many factors or criteria that determine what burial allowances you may qualify for, so it is imperative that you contact your veterans' service officer for guidance and application of these benefits. We also work closely with local funeral homes and cemeteries. We strongly recommend that you find out about your VA burial benefits and options before committing to a pre-paid funeral package.

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