DateMortgagorRedemption PeriodAddressCityPIDHigh BidderBid AmountAttorney
Jan 19 2017Day, Shawn R and Michele LRedeemed by owners on 7/17/201731235 116 St NWPrinceton01-478-0205U.S. Bank NA$232,680.00Usset, Weingarden & Liebo, PLLP
Feb 2 2017Whiteford, Allan and Mavis6 months13730 293rd Ave NwZimmerman01-476-0105Caliber Home Loans, Inc.$178,106.00Wilford, Geske & Cook
Mar 2 2017Nebelung, Robert E.Redeemed by Creditor 3/6/20189746 300th Ave NWPrinceton01-467-0145Minnesota Housing Finance Agency$66,157.52Usset, Weingarden & Liebo
Apr 20 2017Katona, Johnny and MarikaRedeemed by Owner 7/24/201712425 278th Ave NWZimmerman01-449-0110HSBC Bank USA, NA, as Trustee for Wells Fargo Home Equity Asset-Backed Securities 2005-1 Trust$158,534.00The Academy Law Group
May 1 2017Turner, Deanna L. and Matthew W.6 months16903 319th Ave NWPrinceton15-004-4408U.S. Bank, National Association$187,890.31PFB Law #651-209-7599
Jun 27 2017Ivers, Pamala I. & Donald C.6 months13213 293rd Ave NWPrinceton01-029-2105Deutsche Bank National Trust Company$207,612.96Wilford Geske & Cook
Jul 13 2017Baxley, Kelly M.6  months27749 133rd St NWZimmerman01-406-0440TCF National Bank$66,312.22Foley & Mansfield
Aug 10 2017Becker, Rebecca A. & Germund L. NilsonRedeemed by Owner 11/1/201713818 298th Ave NWPrinceton01-486-0330JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA$184,800.00Shapiro & Zielke
Aug 31 2017Bounds, Stacy L.6 months12711 316 1/2 Ave NWPrinceton01-418-0310US Bank, NA$97,677.99Usset, Weingarden & Liebo
Sep 14 2017Kemp, CharlesRedeemed by Owner 9/26/201710497 301st Ave NWPrinceton01-509-0120The Bank of New York Mellon fka The Bank of New York as Successor Indenture Trustee to JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.$27,734.51Shapiro & Zielke
Nov 13 2017Nelson, Angela C.6 months31623 127th St NWPrinceton01-418-0115Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.$120,886.00Shapiro & Zielke