DateMortgagorRedemption PeriodAddressCityPIDHigh BidderBid AmountAttorney
Feb 13 2017Judge, Dirk A. and Renee L.6 months228 2nd St NWElk River75-430-0121Bayview Loan Servicing$105,630.92Randall S. Miller
Feb 28 2017Cisek, Stephen E.6 months618 Jefferson Ln NWElk River75-446-0115Bank of America, NA$179,203.57Wilford Geske Cook
Mar 2 2017Joslin, Michelle L. & Brian S. Kruger6 months17138 Olson St NWElk River75-719-2509JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA$120,120.00Usset, Weingarden & Liebo
Mar 13 2017Neill, Matthew6 months19069 Zebulon St NWElk River75-477-0120U.S. Bank National Association$155,400.00PFB
Mar 22 2017Barclay, Laura E. a/k/a Laura E. Diaz6 months10901 181st Ln NWElk River75-655-0102Trout Brook Condominium Association Inc$13,648.00Toohey Law Firm
Apr 18 2017Johnson, Lawrence T. and Doris K.6 months20827 Lander Ct NWElk River75-673-0115MidFirst Bank$268,234.87Shapiro & Zielke
May 15 2017Clarke, Edrina & William6 months19289 Denver CourtElk River75-573-0112U.S. Bank Trust, NA$220,000.00The Sayer Law Group, P.C.
Jun 14 2017Sneft, Gerald L. & Cecelia A.5 weeks from the date of sale22300 Jarvis St NWElk RIver75-101-4410Wells Fargo Bank, NA$190,000.00The Academy Law Group
Jun 26 2017Hazelwood, Stacy B. & Trina L. Hazelwood f/k/a Yon Hui HazelwoodRedeemed by Creditor on 12/29/1710078 154th Ave NWElk River75-470-0210 & 75-024-2117Nationstar Mortgage, LLC$182,746.39Shapiro & Zielke
Jul 13 2017Borough, Sarah C.6 months363 Gates Ave NWElk River75-405-2030Nationstar Mortgage LLC$127,615.00Usset, Weingarden & Liebo
Aug 17 2017Broll, Corey6 months20613 Ulysses St NWElk River75-114-3404Wilmington Trust National Association, as Successor Trustee to Citibank, N.A., as Trustee for First Franklin Mortgage Loan Trust, Mortgage Loan Asset-Backed Certificates, Series 2005-FF12$325,901.02Usset, Weingarden & Liebo
Aug 22 2017Mutchler, Constance N.6 months11812 Highland Rd NWElk River75-428-0256U.S. Bank National Association$117,600.00Wilford, Geske & Cook
Aug 22 2017Poole, Carolie M.6 months17200 Nixon St NWElk River75-719-0706Freedom Mortgage Corporation$147,000.00Usset, Weingarden & Liebo
Aug 24 2017Miller, Christine I. and Judy M. Golnick6 months20423 Auburn St NWElk River75-508-0210Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB,d/ba/ Christiana Trust, not individually but as Trustee for Pretium Mortgage Acquisition Trust$185,000.00Usset, Weingarden & Liebo
Aug 24 2017Howerton, Monte Joe & Bonnie RuthCreditor #1 Redeemed 3-2-2018 & Creditor #2 Redeemed 3-8-201813209 180th Ave NWElk River75-546-0324U.S. Bank National Association, as Trustee for Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trust Inc., Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates, Series 2005-2$146,326.93The Academy Law Group
Aug 28 2017Oehler, Lester W. and Dawn M.Redeemed by Owner on 2-16-1813456 181st Cir NWElk River75-569-0144US Bank National Association$177,240.00PFB Law
Aug 29 2017Peterson, Kristine L. and Dion J. Waniorek6 months19762 Brentwood Ln NWElk River75-503-0708HSBC Bank, USA, NA$544,395.10Wilford Geske Cook
Sep 21 2017Anderson, Paul J. and Jeanne E.6 months10887 181st Lane NWElk River75-655-0098Trout Brook Condominium Association Inc$8,862.57Toohey Law
Sep 25 2017Walter, Rex6 months1414 Main StreetElk River75-409-0415Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.$106,515.22Shapiro & Zielke
Oct 5 2017Gordon, Bette6 months19094 Ivanhoe Dr NWElk River75-761-0505U.S. Bank, NA$260,400.00Usset Weingarden & Liebo
Nov 1 2017Yang, XeeRedeemed by Creditor on 2-7-201818736 Albany St NWElk River75-493-0160Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC$155,400.00Usset, Weingarden & Liebo
Nov 27 2017Golebiowski, Eddie & Cary5 weeks from the date of sale10886 187th Ave NWElk River75-742-0125Wilmington Trust, National Association$280,000.00Shapiro & Zielke
Dec 14 2017Anderson, Paul J. & Jeanne E.Redeemed by Creditor on 6/12/1810887 181st Lane NWElk River75-655-0098Partner's Title$133,149.40The Academy Law Group
Dec 20 2017Thompson, KristinaRedeemded by Owner on 6/20/1810492 172nd Ln NWElk River75-719-0901Creative Real Estate, Inc$7,564.30Carlson & Assoc.