DateMortgagorRedemption PeriodAddressCityPIDHigh BidderBid AmountAttorney
Jan 3 2018Thwing, Catherine C. and William J.6 months19454 Lander St NWElk River75-517-0316Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, as Trustee for Holders of the GSAA Home Equity Trust 2006-11 Asset-Backed Certificates Series 2006-11$217,416.67Shapiro & Zielke
Jan 4 2018Young, Thomas M. & Leha D.Redeemed by Owner 5/1/1822312 Watson Cir NWElk River75-672-0350U.S. Bank National Association$321,109.67Usset, Weingarden & Liebo
Jan 10 2018Gursky, Kristina A.6 months611 Irving Ave NWElk River75-412-0245Nationstar Mortgage LLC d/b/a Mr. Cooper$95,760.00Shapiro & Zielke
Feb 15 2018Tihlarik, Joshua D.6 months10461 172nd Ln NWElk River75-719-1004U.S. Bank National Association$131,040.00Usset, Weingarden & Liebo
Feb 22 2018Grover, Richard G. & Theresa B.Redeemed by Owner 4-13-1818554 Troy St NWElk River75-131-2410Federal National Mortgage Association$75,677.49The Academy Law Group
Apr 10 2018Orton, David and Heather6 months19442 Zane St. NWElk River75-675-0105U.S. Bank N.A.$322,743.00Shapiro & Zielke, LLP
Apr 11 2018Myers, Mary J.6 months11866 192nd Ave NorthwestElk River75-428-0252U.S. Bank, N.A.$113,438.43Usset, Weingarden & Liebo, PLLP
Apr 25 2018Moore, Scott E6 months19418 Elgin Ct NWElk River75-553-0142PHH Mortgage Corp$241,700.00Shapiro & Zielke, LLP
Jun 7 2018Jacobson, Michael A.6 months17147 Monroe Court NWElk River75-719-2101JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA$130,265.61Usset, Weingarden & Liebo
Jun 26 2018Cooper, Buster6 months10247 180th Lane NWElk River75-688-0104Home Point Financial Corp$218,400.00Wilford, Geske & Cook
Jul 17 2018Stokes, Alden W.5 weeks17930 Naples St NWElk River75-478-0270National Star Mortgage$111,282.43Wilford, Geske & Cook