Posting Bail / Bond

You can pay bail at the Sherburne County Jail lobby (Door D) 24 hours a day.

  • The Sheriff's Office accepts only cash for the exact amount of bail (no checks or credit cards).
  • You must show a current government-issued photo identification to pay bail.
  • To ask about bail over the phone, call the jail at 763-765-3800. Be sure to have the inmate's full name and date of birth ready.

Bail vs. Bond

Bail is cash that someone pays to get a defendant out of jail. The money is refunded if the defendant returns for their court date. If the defendant doesn’t have the cash to pay bail, they could use a bail bond company. In that case, the defendant gets a loan using collateral like a house or car, plus pays a percentage of the bail. The bond company pays the court part of the total bail. If the defendant doesn’t return for the scheduled court date, the bond company pays the rest of the bail.