Truancy Intervention Project

The focus of the Truancy Intervention Project is to provide early intervention to both students and parents as soon as the child starts missing school, therefore avoiding the child becoming a habitual truant.

Minnesota law requires all juveniles to attend school. Minnesota law defines a habitual truant as a student that has not lawfully withdrawn from school and has missed at least seven days or parts thereof without a lawful excuse.

Early Intervention

Sherburne County has developed early intervention steps to involve parents and students prior to the filing of a truancy petition.

  1. After the child has had three or more unexcused absences on three different days, the school makes a referral to the County Attorney’s Office. The child and parent then attend a mandated meeting with a representative of the Sherburne County Attorney’s Office to gain knowledge of the truancy laws, including possible dispositions in truancy cases, as well as gain an understanding of the effects truancy has on a child’s future. The meeting also provides the parents and students with information about services available through Sherburne County Health and Human Services. The meetings take place at 4 at the Sherburne County Government Center. The cost for the program is $15 and needs to be prepaid online. This fee may be waived if the child or family receives assistance.
  2. If the child continues to be truant, the family is referred to the Sherburne County Attendance Review Board (SARB). The family meets with representatives from the school, Sherburne County Community Corrections, and community agencies, to identify and address any issues that are preventing the child from attending school and being a successful student. The SARB board tailors their recommendations to the specific circumstances of each child, and the family signs a contract to work towards resolving the child’s truant behavior.
  3. The last step is the filing of the truancy petition. This step will be taken if the earlier steps have failed.

Payment Options

Fees for TIP (Truancy Intervention Project) can only be paid securely online using one of the card types below or by eCheck. Please bring your receipt to the meeting. 

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Please call the County Attorney's Office at 763-765-4725 for assistance.

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