Situation Update
Latest data on Sherburne, Minnesota, US, and global COVID-19 case information.
COVID-19 Vaccine
Information, data, and guidance for vaccine in Sherburne County and Minnesota, including what to do if you lost your vaccine card.
About COVID-19 disease, symptoms, variants, and more.
Protect Yourself & Others
Masks, cleaning, hand hygiene, and additional resources.
Where to find a test, which test to use, and more.
Isolation & Quarantine
What to do if you or someone you know is exposed to COVID-19, has COVID-19 symptoms, or tests positive for COVID-19.
COVID-19 Hotlines
Local, state, and national contact information to address your COVID-19 questions.
Government Center Services

Make Appointment Online During COVID-19
COVID-19 Impact on Sherburne County Services