Financial Help

Financial Assistance Programs For Upgrading Failing Residential Septic Systems

Sherburne County has two financial assistance programs to help residential homeowners upgrade failing septic systems.

Both programs require a certificate of non-compliance by an MPCA licensed septic system professional to verify that the septic system is not working properly.

Low-Income Septic Upgrade Grant Program

Sherburne County has received funding from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to provide grants to help homeowners that qualify as low-income and their system has been found to be failing. To qualify, you must have a single family home and the property must be homesteaded. Grants may be awarded for up to 25% of the cost of the system for those who qualify. The landowner must provide 2 years (of IRS 1040 Income Tax Returns (2016 and 2017) for all occupants of the home that are over 18 years of age.

To qualify for the grant, a household of one person making up to $46,050 could qualify for the grant, two persons up to $52,650, and so on depending on the number of members living in the household. If interested, apply for the grant (PDF).

Low Interest Septic System Replacement Loan Program

The County also offers a low-interest loan program for owners of a single family residential home where the system is found to be failing. It is funded by the Department of Agriculture as part of a program to improve water quality in rural areas. This loan is not based on income and the only qualifying criteria are that the homeowner is current on property taxes and their mortgage payments (if a mortgage exists).

The loans are for a 5 to 10 year term at 3% annual interest. The loan is issued with the homeowners consent to a lien being placed on the property by the County. Once the failing septic system has either been repaired or replaced, all eligible expenses are paid to the contractor and then those costs are collected as an assessment on the homeowner's property tax until the loan is repaid. Check out the low-interest loan application (PDF).