E to P Services

Employee Clerical Time (Calculated to the nearest half hour)$25.00 per hour
Execution Commission5% of total amount collected
Filing Intent to Redeem Notice$100.00 per notice
Filing Intent to Redeem Additional Document$20.00 per additional document
Fingerprints$15.00 per set
Huber Fee$20.00 per day
Impound Vehicle Storage ($300 maximum)$10.00 per day
Investigator's Time (calculated to the nearest 1 hour)$50.00 per hour per investigator
Legal "Not Founds"$40.00
Mileage (computed on a round trip basis)$0.55 per mile
Pawn Shop Applicant Background Investigation (Individual)
$25.00 per hour
Pawn Shop Fee (electronic billable fee)
$1.50 per transaction
Pay for Stay (Jail)
$35.0 per day
Photo Reprints
$3.00 per reprint