A to D Services

Adult Work Crew / Community Work Service

Item / Service
8 hours to 40 hours (1 to 5 days)
41 hours to 80 hours (6 to 10 days)
81 hours to 120 hours (11 to 15 days)
121 hours to 160 hours (16+ days)
161+ hours
*Offenders have the option to work off these fees, which is calculated at a rate of $10.00 per hour.

Audio & Video Recordings

911 Recordings
$20 per recording
Video Requests$20 per recording

Carry Permit For Handgun

Application Fee -  Individual
Active and retired service member (must provide a copy of DD Form 214) or active and retired law enforcement
Renewal Fee (within 30 days after expiration)
Renewal Fee (no earlier than 90 days prior to expiration on the permit)
Replacement Card (examples: lost card, name  change, address change, etc.)

Court Ordered Surrendering and Transfer of Firearms

Relating to Minnesota Statutes §§260C.201: subdivision 3; 518B.01, subdivision 6; 609.2242, subdivision 3; 609.749, subdivision 8; 624.713, subdivision 1; 624.713, subdivision 1.

If the firearm(s) is stored in the custody of the Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office longer than 3 days, a storage and processing fee of $1 per day per firearm will commence on the 4th day, retroactive to the initial day the firearm(s) was received.

Credit Card Disclaimer

The Sheriff’s Office will accept credit card payment for most fees over $5. Exceptions include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Civil Process Originating Outside the State of Minnesota
  • Lien Sales
  • Writ of Execution

The Sheriff’s Office reserves the right to deny payment with a credit card for any of the other fees listed.

Dangerous Dog Ordinance

Annual Fee
$100 per year
Call Outs
$30 per call out
Hearing Fee
Warning Sign
$10 per sign

Digital Services

These fees are about requests for data retrieval, contraband removal and other digital services (computer forensics).

CD / DVD$5 each
Data Retrieval$40 per hour
Typical Drive Sterilization
$280 per hour
Other Work
$40 per drive