Fee Schedule

Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office Fees are effective as of January 1, 2023.

Credit Card Disclaimer

The Sheriff’s Office will accept credit card payment for most fees over $5. Exceptions include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Civil Process Originating Outside the State of Minnesota
  • Lien Sales
  • Writ of Execution

The Sheriff’s Office reserves the right to deny payment with a credit card for any of the other fees listed.

A processing fee will apply to all credit card payments.

Adult Work Crew/Community Work Service

Item / ServiceFee
8 hours to 40 hours (1 to 5 days)$60
41 hours to 80 hours (6 to 10 days)$90
81 hours to 120 hours (11 to 15 days)$120
121 hours to 160 hours (16+ days)$150
161+ hours$180

*Offenders have the option to work off these fees, which are calculated at a rate of $10.00 per hour.

Audio & Video Recordings

911 Recordings$20 per recording
Video Requests$20 per recording

Civil Process

Civil Process Data Entry FeeFee
Certificate of Service Replacement (ink signature)$10.00
Multiple pay-off requests (due at redemption)$40.00
Paperwork processed for Service but cancelled prior to attempts by deputy$40.00

Common Service FeesFee
Legal "Not Founds"$60.00
Return of Process when No Service is Made$80.00/person (3 attempts)
$30.00/each after 3rd attempt
Service of Process - Summons, Notices, & Petitions$80.00/person (3 attempts)
$30.00/each after 3rd attempt

Execution ServicesFee
Execution Commission5% of total amount collected
Execution Service & General Demand$80.00/person (3 attempts)
$30.00/each after 3rd attempt
Execution - Bank or Wage Levy$80.00/person (3 attempts)
$30.00/each after 3rd attempt
Execution Fee Collected for Bank/Employer$15.00 (payable to bank/employer)
Execution - Levy on Personal Property$1,000.00 deposit per vehicle
Execution - Levy on Real PropertyConsult with Civil Process Staff for all fees associated with this type of Levy
Execution - Sales & Sheriff's Sales/Lien Sales - subject to additional fees for service & processing$100.00/sale
Sale Notice (to post 3 copies)$80.00/person (3 attempts)
$30.00/each after 3rd attempt
Writ of Execution (Levy, copies, and inventory)$10.00

Mortgage Foreclosure SaleFee
Conducting Sale$80.00
Judgment & Decree Posting - 3 places$80.00
Outside Bidder Fee (for winning bidder)$100.00
Service Fee$80.00/person (3 attempts)
$30.00 each after 3rd attempt

Redemption of Real Property (Mortgagee or Creditor)
Certificate of Redemption$250.00 (non-refundable and due at time of request for payoff)
Filing Intent to Redeem Notice$100.00 per notice
Filing Intent to Redeem Additional Document$20.00 per additional document

Replevin, Seizures, or Attachments
Service or Posting with Deputy Time$200.00 (will be billed for deputy time if more than 1 hour)

Writ of Recovery, Eviction Summons & ComplaintFee
Service Fee$80.00/person ($10.00 each additional person)

Dangerous Dog Ordinance

Annual Fee$100 per year
Call Outs$30 per call out
Hearing Fee$200
Warning Sign$10 per sign

Digital Services

These fees are about requests for data retrieval, contraband removal and other digital services (computer forensics).

CD / DVD$5 each
Data Retrieval$40 per hour
Typical Drive Sterilization$280 per hour
Other Work$40 per drive

Employee Time & Mileage

Clerical Time$25.00 per hour
Deputy Time - including, but not limited to, special events, civil standby, evictions$70.00 per hour
Investigator Time$50.00 per hour
Mileage (computed on a round trip basis)$0.575 per mile (or current year federal mileage rate)


Fingerprints$15.00 per set


Impound Vehicle Storage$10.00 per day ($300 maximum)


Huber Fee$20.00 per day
Pay For Stay$35.00 per day

Pawn Shops

Pawn Shop Applicant Background Investigation (Individual)$25.00 per hour
Pawn Shop Fee (electronic billable fee)$1.50 per transaction

Permit to Carry a Handgun

Application Fee -  Individual$100/application
Active and retired service member (must provide a copy of DD Form 214) or active and retired law enforcement$85/application
Renewal Fee (within 30 days after expiration)$85/renewal
Renewal Fee (no earlier than 90 days prior to expiration on the permit)$75/renewal
Replacement Card (examples: lost card, name  change, address change, etc.)$10/request

Reports & Photos

Accident Reports (Traffic)No Charge
All Other Reports$0.25 per page

Photo Reprints$3.00 per reprint

Surrendering Firearms to Sheriff's Office Per Court Order

Relating to Minnesota Statutes §260C.201: subdivision 3; 518B.01, subdivision 6; 609.2242, subdivision 3; 609.749, subdivision 8; 624.713, subdivision 1; 624.713, subdivision 1.

If the firearm(s) is stored in the custody of the Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office longer than 3 days, a storage and processing fee of $1 per day per firearm will commence on the 4th day, retroactive to the initial day the firearm(s) was received.

Tower Lease

There is an adjusted increase of 3% on Each Commencement Anniversary Date.

Single PCS, cellular, panel antenna or whip antenna and a single coaxial cable or CAT5 line / Rate per antenna, per foot of evaluation above ground on tower, per coaxial cable or CAT5 line$13.00 per year
Diversity or multiple PCS or cellular panel antennas or multiple whip antennas i.e. dual, triple or quad feed multi antennas contained in a single radome or stacked on a single mast including the first coaxial cable or CAT5 line / Rate per multi-antenna, per foot of evaluation above ground on tower, per first coaxial cable or CAT5 line$13.00 per year
Each additional coaxial cable connection$4.00 per foot
Each additional CAT5 line connection$2.00 per foot
Microwave dish antennas up to 3 foot in diameter maximum and a singular coaxial line or CAT5 line / Rate per dish, per foot of evaluation above ground on tower, per coaxial cable or CAT5 line$17.00 per year
Microwave dish antennas up to 3 foot in diameter maximum and a singular coaxial line or CAT5 line / Rate per dish, per foot of evaluation above ground on tower, per coaxial cable or CAT5 line$4.00 per foot for additional dish (for dishes over 3 feet)
Platform or slab mounted equipment; electric not included / Rate per square foot, occupied ground space$7.00 per year
Small pole mounted electronics; no electric$450.00 per year