Civil process Forms

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  1. Execution Instructions
  2. Exemptions
  3. Execution - Wage Levy
  4. Execution Exemption - Levy
  5. Service Request
  6. Certificate of Redemption
  7. Mailing Affidavit

Execution Instructions - Financial Institution / Bank Levy

Complete the Execution Instructions form when you, as the creditor, have been issued a Writ of Execution and would like to levy on the debtor’s bank account. The bank must be within Sherburne County in order for our office to conduct the levy.

Top Portion

The top portion of the form is where you would list the debtor’s name and home address. If you know their account number, please provide that as well.

Second Section

The next section outlines specific steps you need to complete prior to requesting the Sheriff’s Civil Division to serve the bank levy. If your judgment is against an individual, you will need to complete the Important Notice form, Instructions form, and the first page of the Exemption Form.

Bottom Portion

The bottom portion of the form is where you list your name, address, phone number (or that of your attorney), date and sign the form. If you are mailing the forms and checks to our office, be sure that you endorse the Writ of Execution.


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