Fee Schedule

  • Fees effective January 1, 2019

Discovery Duplication: Non-Negotiated and Felonies

Discovery CD-ROM or Blu-ray
$20 per disc
Thumb Drive (required for high-definition squad video or body cameras)$25 per drive

Costs for Employee Time

Assistant Attorneys$150 per hour
County Attorney Chief Deputy$150 per hour
Legal Secretary$30 per hour
Senior Legal Secretary$35 per hour

Discovery Duplication - Negotiated Flat Fee (paper copies only)

Case TypeFee

Gross Misdemeanor (excluding assault cases)

$10 per case

Gross Misdemeanor Assault Cases

$15 per case

Misdemeanor Assault Cases

$10 per case

Petty Misdemeanor / Misdemeanors (excluding assault cases)

$5 per case

Truancy Programs

Truancy Programs$20 per session (If receiving Public Assistance, this fee may be waived by CAO. If the program is not in person, there will be no fee-effective for the 2021-2022 school year.)