Operation Identification

Property marking is one of the oldest and best methods of crime prevention. Today, the most effective method of property marking is known as "Operation Identification." It's a program that has been proven to be dramatically effective in reducing burglary, when it is properly implemented.

Operation Identification Logo

Two Program Parts

Operation Identification has two parts. First, you mark all your easily stolen valuables with a permanent identification number, assigned to you by the Sherburne County Sheriff's Office or your local law enforcement agency. Second, you display a sticker that tells potential burglars that your property is marked.

Sticker Purpose

The sticker discourages break-ins because it gives notice to a potential thief that your property will be hard for them to dispose of, can be tracked back to you; and if the burglar is caught with it in his / her possession, it is solid evidence of possession of stolen goods.

In the event that your property is ever lost or stolen, and turns up at a law enforcement agency anywhere in the nation, the property can be identified and returned to you as quickly as possible.

Enroll in the Program

Additional information on how to enroll in this great program is available by contacting the Sherburne County Sheriff's Office at 763-765-3500. An identification number, door and window stickers and complete instructions will be provided.