Neighborhood Watch

Importance of the Watch

Anyone can be the victim of burglary or other crimes. Despite our best precautions we often feel alone and vulnerable to crime. Neighborhood Watch is a vital protection tool available - something residents in a community can do by banding together, in connection with local law enforcement agencies, to prevent crime before it happens.

Defining Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is a community-based program that's been proven to deter crime. The National Neighborhood Watch program, sponsored by the National Sheriff's Association since 1972, unites law enforcement agencies, local organizations and individual citizens in a community-wide effort to reduce residential crime.


A few concerned citizens, working with law enforcement, can spearhead the effort to organize a Neighborhood Watch. Members learn how to make their homes more secure, watch out for each other and the neighborhood, and report activities that raise their suspicions to the sheriff's office. Watch groups are extra eyes and ears for reporting crimes and helping neighbors.

Start a Watch

Neighborhood Watch groups are easy to start! Many of your neighbors may wish that a program like Neighborhood Watch already existed in their area, but don't know how to start one. They may not realize just how simple it is. Your first step is to contact Deputy Roxanne Schreder at 763-765-3579, or email her at

Learn more about how to start a Neighborhood Watch.

Neighborhood Watch Meeting - people gathered under roof

Caption: Neighbors gather to learn more about their area and ways they can help keep each other safe by reporting suspicious activity to the Sheriff’s Office.