Fee Schedule

Shoreland Filling and Grading and / or Alteration Fees

(After-the-Fact Permit fees may require Mitigation Escrow and do not include staff time)

Item Fee
After-the-Fact Major Violation Permit  $1,000 per violation
After-the-Fact Minor Violation Permit    $400 per violation
Major Alteration Permit $250 per permit
Major Shoreland Mitigation Escrow $5,000
Minor Alteration Permit $100 per permit
Minor Shoreland Mitigation Escrow   $1,000

Wetland Fees  

Item Fee
After-the-Fact Wetland Alteration Permit  $400 plus staff time 
Wetland Banking Application $300 first 5 hours and $30 per additional hour  
Wetland Delineation Verification$150 (Escrow $1,000 permit - on large projects where the project review may exceed 4 hours of staff time) 
Wetland Exemption / No-Loss Certificate $75 per certificate
Wetland Replacement Annual Monitoring  $30 per hour plus mileage 
Wetland Replacement Escrow  $1.50 per square foot of required replacement (held up to 5 years)
Wetland Replacement Plan Application  Additional activities - $36 per hour
Up to 1/2 acre - $300 per application
Greater than 1/2 acre - $500 per application