Child Foster Care

Sherburne County Child Welfare services focus on keeping children safe within their own homes whenever possible. When children cannot remain safely in their own homes, foster care may become necessary. Foster care provides children with a safe living environment, stability, affection, consistency and nurturing.

Why Children Enter Foster Care

Children enter foster care for many reasons-their own disability or behavior, or their parents / caregivers neglect, abuse or inability to properly care for their child. For children and families involved with the foster care system, services focus improving the conditions and/or behavior that lead to foster care placement so children may be reunified with their parents as soon as possible. Foster care is temporary and most children continue to visit their parents until they are able to be reunited.

Permanent Homes

In some cases, reunification between children and parents is not possible. When this occurs, family members and other persons important to the child are contacted in an effort to find a permanent home for the child. When extended family is unable to fill this role, foster families may provide permanent foster care, accept a transfer of legal custody or adopt the child in their care.