Adult Foster Care

Adult foster care assists individuals, 18 years of age and older, who are unable to live alone, with a living arrangement, or other basic needs as appropriate. Qualified adults may be frail, elderly, have emotional, physical, or mental health needs, or other circumstances that make them dependent on others for care. Adult foster care recipients may be able to attend school, work or day programs.

Prospective Adult Foster Care Providers

Adult Foster Care providers are responsible to provide care, supervision and companionship in a home-like setting while providing the opportunity for those in care to do as much as possible for themselves, for as long as possible, both in the provider’s home and throughout the community. It is important that providers are able to provide a safe, nurturing environment. Adult Foster Care recipients and their families may request a provider of a certain gender, age and for an anticipated duration of placement. Caregivers are licensed by the Minnesota Department of Human Services through Sherburne County Health and Human Services.

Operating an adult foster care home involves regulations and attention to business details spelled out in state statute or rule. County licensing staff can help you understand the requirements, but you have the ultimate responsibility to operate your home according to the rules of your license.

Adult Foster Care License Process

  1. Attend information session to receive basic information and application. YOU MUST LIVE IN SHERBURNE COUNTY IN THE HOME YOU WANT TO LICENSE BEFORE YOU CAN ATTEND ORIENTATION.
  2. All household members over 13 need to pass state background studies. There is a cost for this.
  3. Have a fire marshal inspection of your home at a cost of $50
  4. County licensing will contact three references you have listed in your application.
  5. Complete an intake interview with a county licensor in your home
  6. Write required policies and procedures for your home
  7. Complete a three-hour orientation with your licensor. County licensing staff makes a recommendation to the state regarding your license
  8. The state makes the final licensing decision

Mandatory Requirements

  • Providers must be 18 years or older
  • Providers must live in Sherburne County
  • Providers need to have enough income to meet their own needs
  • Providers should be one year from a major life change such as a marriage, divorce, completion of chemical dependency treatment, birth of a first child or a significant loss
  • Providers and household members age 13 and older must pass a background check
  • Provider’s homes must have at least two bedrooms
  • Providers must be willing to participate in regular trainings
  • Providers must pay $50 for a fire marshal inspection of their home
  • Vulnerable Adult Annual Training - Providers must complete the vulnerable adult training prior to becoming licensed and annually thereafter. Upon completion of the training, please print out your certification and save for your reference.

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