Definitions of Abuse


Failure by a person responsible for a child's care to supply a child with the necessary food, clothing, shelter, health, medical, or other care required for the child's physical or mental health when reasonably able to do so (Minnesota Statute 626.556, subdivision 2 (f).

Physical Abuse

Any physical injury, mental injury, or threatened injury, inflicted by a person responsible for the child's care on a child other than by accidental means, or any physical or mental injury that cannot reasonably be explained by the child's history of injuries (Minnesota Statute 626.556, subdivision 2 (g).

Sexual Abuse

The subjection of a child by a person responsible for the child's care, by a person who has a significant relationship to the child, or by a person in position of authority, to any act that constitutes a violation of Minnesota's criminal sexual conduct statues or prostitution offenses. Sexual abuse also includes threatened sexual abuse (Minnesota Statute 626.556, subdivision 2 (d).