All parcels of property are entitled to access, however an Access Permit is required and Sherburne County determines the location and size of the access that will be permitted. Shared access, while not ideal, is often a requirement, while requests for a "second access" to a county highway are not permitted. In some instances, you may need to remove an access to obtain another.

Access Application

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Access Permit Inspection Request

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Cost of Permit

The cost of the Access Permit is $100 for a residential or agricultural access and $500 for a commercial, industrial, plat driveway or a public road. A Performance Bond Fee in the amount of $250 is required for residential and agricultural accesses; and $1,000 for all other accesses.  


If a culvert is necessary, you must purchase a corrugated metal pipe culvert with 6:1 safety aprons with safety grates for residential, agricultural, commercial, industrial, and plat driveway accesses. A reinforced concrete pipe culvert with aprons and trash guards, if necessary, is required for public roads. Size will be determined by the permit agent. Driveway access slopes need to be 6 to 1. The total length of the culvert (including apron lengths) is determined by:

  • (Approved access width) plus 2 (ditch depth times 6)

Construction & Installation

The construction of the access and the installation of the culvert are the responsibility of the applicant and must meet our standards. Pre and post inspections are mandatory. If the work, including restoration (70% minimum turf re-establishment) meets our standards, the performance bond fee will be returned.

Mailbox Support

If you plan to have mail delivered to this location, an approved County mailbox support is required, see fee schedule for price. Once you have the location determined with the mail carrier, Sherburne County will arrange Gopher One requirements and install the mailbox support in our right of way.


Commercial, industrial, plat driveway, and public roads may require traffic control signs. These signs are installed by Sherburne County, see fee schedule for prices.

More Information

Contact us at 763-765-3354 to make a site meeting appointment.

For information on access questions for parcels located on township roads, the local township is the regulatory authority.