Worksite Wellness

Businesses play an important role in promoting the health of their employees. Studies indicate that better health is associated with higher employee productivity, decreased absenteeism, decreased health care costs, and increased safety and morale. The worksite wellness strategy focuses on:

  • Improving healthy eating
  • Physical activity
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Tobacco use and cessation 
  • Workplace Facts

Sherburne County has partnered with Benton and Stearns Counties to develop a Worksite Wellness Collaborative called Tri Wellness at Work.

Tri Wellness at Work

  • Tri Wellness at Work is a workplace wellness collaborative in Benton, Sherburne and Stearns Counties.
  • 15 total businesses meet together monthly to learn about best practices for workplace wellness.
  • Experts provide practical steps that can be implemented on-site to support health, increase employee morale, improve productivity, and reduce health-care costs.
  • Topics for discussion include healthy eating, physical activity, tobacco-free living, breastfeeding support, and stress management. Who is involved?
  • Learning Group - all 15 new businesses meet monthly to learn about policies and practices they can introduce within their own organizations.
  • Network Group - previous collaborative members meet quarterly to learn from one another, share success stories and review new information for each of the topic areas.


Sherburne County businesses that have participated:

  • Bank of Elk River
  • Big Lake Schools
  • City of Becker
  • City of Big Lake
  • Cornerstone
  • Crystal Cabinet Works
  • Greater Minnesota Family Service
  • Guardian Angels
  • LISI Medical Remmele, Inc
  • North Memorial Clinic
  • Sherburne County

Additional Information

If your organization is interested in participating in Tri Wellness at Work, please contact us for more information.