Right of Way

A right-of-way work permit is required anytime work is performed in the right-of-way. This would include commercial utilities, agricultural utilities, or residential utilities. This may also include tree trimmers or other maintenance crews that need to use the county right of way. Traffic control devices according to the most recent Minnesota MUTCD or the Minnesota Department of Transportation Temporary Traffic Control Layout Field Guide are required. 

Although a permit is required for any work, the permit fee, determined by the permit agent, may be waived if the work benefits the county right of way. Any utilities placed in the county right of way must be registered with Gopher One and will need to be located every time notification is received.

Cost of Permit

The cost of a one-time right of way work permit is $100 (per county road) with a Performance Bond Fee of $500 or a $500 Letter of Credit. For large utility companies that require multiple permits, an Annual $5,000 Letter of Credit / Permit Bond is preferred by Sherburne County. Pre and post inspections are mandatory. If the work, including erosion repairs and restoration (70% minimum turf re-establishment) meets our standards, the Performance Bond Fee will be returned.