Healthy Eating in Communities

This strategy is designed to increase access to and selection of healthier foods in Sherburne County. 


The goal is to increase consumption of fruits and vegetables, and reduce consumption of saturated fats, sodium and added sugars.


  • Hunger Free Sherburne County: Sherburne Strong works collaboratively with the Sherburne County Hunger Free Coalition to eliminate hunger in our communities. Visit our website for resources on fighting hunger, or contact us to be involved.
  • Farmers Markets: One way to increase access to healthy foods is to partner with local farmers markets. SHIP offers technical assistance to help markets accept electronic benefits transfer (EBT) .
  • Comprehensive Plans: Using tools from the Minnesota Food Charter Food Access Planning Guide , SHIP strives to strengthen the connection between land use, planning and food. The goal is to design communities in a way that promotes access to healthy, safe and affordable food. We offer education, resources, proven policy strategies and recommended planning and zoning language for comprehensive plans.