Before repairing or replacing mailbox supports, please check the specifications required by the Sherburne County Public Works Department as well as local post offices. The Sherburne County Public Works Department has mailbox installation instructions and diagrams available to any resident.

New Construction

Swing-away mailbox settings are required on the County Highway System for any new home construction that will have mail delivery service. Sherburne County offers for sale (only if located on a County Road / CSAH) approved Minnesota Department of Transportation settings. (see fee schedule for price)

Mailbox Notes

  • A right-of-way work permit is not required for a mailbox.
  • You may construct your own swing away setting; however it cannot weigh more than 4 pounds per foot.
  • Bulkier and heavier settings may compromise public safety and constitute a right of way violation.

National Mailbox Month

Sherburne County Public Works Department along with the local U.S. Postal Service participates in National Mailbox Month which is May of each year. As part of this program, the Sherburne County Public Works Department will provide information to residents of Sherburne County on how to obtain and maintain approved mailbox supports.