Community Leadership Team

To establish and grow community support for policy, system and environmental change work in obesity prevention and tobacco use and control, Sherburne County developed a Community Leadership Team.

Individuals from a variety of sectors come together to act as a steering committee for the Sherburne County SHIP grant through decision making and providing expertise in specific sectors. The CLT promotes the work of Sherburne County SHIP to the community and decision makers, and guides SHIP efforts within the community. 


Current team members include:

  • Mary Bauer, Central Minnesota Council on Aging 
  • Meghan Bown, Crave the Change 
  • Jamie Cassidy, City of Becker 
  • Hannah Dockendorf, BLEND 
  • Kylie Erickson, YMCA Elk River 
  • Cody Engelhaupt, Lead Community Health Coordinator
  • Lisa Fobbe, Sherburne County Commissioner 
  • Marzell Gray, Student / Community Member
  • Katie Gruber, BLEND
  • Rachel Hilyar, ISD- 728 
  • Joy Nadeau, Sherburne County United Way 
  • Karen Pensinger, Community Member 
  • Melissa Pribyl, CentraCare Health 
  • Debbi Rydberg, Elk River Chamber of Commerce 
  • Brad Schnitzler, ISD-727 
  • Charlotte Strei, RSVP

Get Involved

If you are interested in being involved with the Community Leadership Team, please contact Cody Engelhaupt.