Pharmaceutical Disposal

Did you know there is a safer way to dispose of your old medications instead of flushing them down the toilet? Sherburne County has three designated pharmaceutical disposal areas where residents may safely (at no charge) and properly dispose of pharmaceuticals: Sherburne County Sheriff's Office, Becker Police Department, and the Big Lake Police Department. These disposal areas are considered secure and they allow medications such as unwanted or expired pill, capsule and liquid prescription drugs.  Please make sure that all liquid medications are in a leak-proof container.   

Also, make sure the medication is in its original container, remove patients name with a black marker, and keep the name of the drug on the original container. These disposal areas also accept over-the-counter capsules in their original containers, and patches. The collection box is open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday and closed on holidays.

Items That Can't Be Disposed

Items that cannot be disposed of at these areas include: sharps or pointed items such as needles, chemotherapy medication, syringes, epi-pens sets and lancet sets. Also they cannot accept institutional items, and non-drug items such as glucose test meters, blood pressure equipment, etc.

Safe Disposal for Needles and Syringes 

Disposal Options