Solid Waste

Sherburne County Special Recycling Event

Sherburne County will be hosting a free recycling event for all Sherburne County Residents to get rid of dry mattresses and box springs, dry cardboard and dry clean film plastic.  See the details of the event below and be sure to click this link for more information on the types of film plastic that will be accepted. County Collection Event 2023 Please bring a valid ID to enter the event.     

WHEN: September 9, 2023 9:00am - 1:00pm

WHERE: Vonco II Landfill 15301 140th Ave SE Becker, MN 55308 - Enter in the scale house entrance which is located .25 miles north of the landfill office entrance off 140th Ave SE.

WHAT: Only Mattresses, Box Springs, Cardboard, and Film Plastic.                    


The Sherburne County Solid Waste department oversees the management and transportation of all household, industrial, and commercial wastes (garbage) generated within the County. This includes the licensing and regulation of all solid waste facilities located in the County, as well as the development and administration of the County's solid waste plan and ordinances. 

Current Strategy

Sherburne County's current solid waste strategy focuses on enhancing recycling waste reduction efforts and maximizing landfill abatement (reducing our dependence on landfills) through the processing of the County's municipal solid waste (MSW) for energy recovery purposes.

The County also encourages residents and business owners to be responsible stewards of the land by using the best reduce, reuse, and recycle practices. The County has implemented several programs within the past years to provide resources for residents and business owners to properly dispose of certain problem materials. A big part of reduce, reuse, and recycle is being aware of the products you, as a County resident, are purchasing. Residents and business owners can choose products that are made from post-consumer recycled content.

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