Children with Special Needs

Young children grow and develop at their own rate. Sometime children will experience delays in their development. Children who have special health care needs may also experience developmental delays. The Follow Along Program can help you know if your child is developing in a typical manner.

Sherburne County Health and Human Services works with families who have children with a variety of special needs, including families whose babies are born prematurely. Health education and monitoring, referrals to community resources, and support for parents are offered by our public health nurses. If you have questions regarding your child's growth and development, please contact Sherburne County Health and Human Services at 763-765-4000.

Local School Contacts

You may also contact your local school district to help provide resources and services to children with specific developmental needs, with services beginning as early as infancy. It has been shown that offering services to young children early in their lives will help ensure the best results for the child. To inquire about your child's development and educational needs, contact your local school district at:

  • Becker / Big Lake Phone: 763-272-2946
  • Elk River Phone: 763-241-3400, ext. 5060
  • Foley Phone: 320-252-8427
  • Princeton Phone:763-389-6189
  • St. Cloud Phone: 320-253-5828, ext. 5703

If you're uncertain about which school district you reside in, you can get additional information about developmental resources in your area by going to the Help Me Grow MN website.


    No two children develop, grow and learn in the same way or at the same pace. However, children do develop in certain predictable ways. If you are concerned about your child's growth, development or learning, we encourage you to contact your child's health care provider and visit Help Me Grow MN for more information. Early intervention makes a difference.
  • Interagency Early Intervention Committee (IEIC)
    Sherburne County Health and Human Services also works together with other educational, public health, and social service agencies in our region, who strive to provide coordinated services for families with children who have special needs.