The Recreational Enforcement Division is responsible for the promotion of safety and the enforcement of laws, rules, and local ordinances related to recreational activities within the County. This includes the use of off-highway vehicles, watercraft, snowmobiles, and other specialized vehicles and equipment to carry out division duties, whether on land, water or ice. The division is responsible for law enforcement, safety instruction and promotion of safe-riding habits on the county's lakes, rivers and snowmobile trails.

Links to rules and regulations

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources regulations on hunting, fishing, recreational vehicles
Sherburne County snowmobile regulations
Sherburne County ATV regulations

Applications for special events and temporary structures (no fees for below services)

Special Event Guide and Application
Temporary Structure Guide and Application
Watercraft Inspection Request

Additional Duties

Other duties carried out by the Recreational Enforcement Division include:

  • Investigation of recreational vehicle accidents
  • Issuance of permits for temporary water structures and special events
  • Participation in Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Firearms Safety, Snowmobile Safety, and ATV Safety classes
  • Placement of navigational aids (buoys) in County waters
  • Removal of navigational hazards
  • Rental watercraft inspections
  • Search, rescue, and recovery operations

Seasonal weight enforcement (spring load restrictions)

The Sheriff's Office actively enforces seasonal weight restrictions that are imposed by the State and local units of government. During the spring months, roadways are weakened due to the freeze/thaw cycle and are damaged by overweight loads.

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