Volunteer Assistance

The Sheriff's Reserves consist of volunteers who are capable of assisting the Sheriff's Office, while under the direction of a patrol sergeant, in situations where additional personnel are required. The members of the Sheriff's Reserves volunteer their time to assist the citizens of Sherburne County.

These volunteers are either citizens who want to be involved in their community or students studying law enforcement at area colleges who wish to gain experience in the field.

Reserves in training

Tasks / Rescue Types

The Sheriff’s Reserves may be called to assist at:

  • Civil Defense Activities
  • County and City Fairs
  • Department Special Events and Activities
  • Floods and Other Disaster Operations
  • Search and Rescue Operations
  • Vacation Security Checks
  • Weather Watch Programs

They may be called to duty during a nuclear alert or disaster. The Sheriff’s Reserves also assist the Water Patrol Division when requested. The Department of Natural Resources trains some members of the reserves to be snowmobile safety and firearm safety instructors. These members schedule local safety classes for area youth. Members of the Sheriff’s Reserves gain much of their training through ride-along opportunities with patrol deputies, offering assistance as needed.

Important Service/Join the Reserves

The Sheriff’s Reserves serves not only the Sheriff’s Office, but all of the citizens and businesses of Sherburne County as well. Please contact the Sheriff’s Office to find out more information about becoming a part of the Sheriff’s Reserves by calling 763-765-3500 or 800-433-5245.

To apply for a volunteer Reserve position, fill out a Reserve Application and email it to, or mail it to our office:

Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office
Attn: William Jones
13880 Business Center Drive NW
Suite 100
Elk River, MN 55330