Variance / Appeals

A variance is a request for a deviation from Sherburne County ordinances. Some examples for types of variances are for lot size and setback requirements. See Section 18, Subdivision 3 (PDF) of the Zoning Ordinance.

Variances require notice of a public hearing.

What You Need

A completed Application for Variance or Appeal (PDF). An application can be picked up from the Zoning Office.

Application Instructions

  1. Read over and complete the application (PDF) and ordinance requirements and contact the Zoning Office if you have any questions.
  2. After the application is completed, contact the township in which your application is being requested and ask to be on the next available meeting agenda. Arrange this as soon as possible as we need township comments back to us before you can be placed on the Board of Adjustment.
  3. If your request is located in the Urban Expansion District you will need to also get a comment from that city.
  4. If the septic system on your property is more than 10 years old, a Septic System Compliance inspection will be required before your application can be considered.
  5. An application is considered complete when the following are submitted:
    • Application form filled out
    • A detailed site plan and written statement explaining the request
    • Fees paid in full
    • Township comments
    • Septic system compliance certificate (if applicable)
    • DNR comments (if property is shoreland)
    • Minnesota Department of Transportation comments (if property fronts Highway 169 or Highway 10)
    • A "certificate of lot survey" to determine property lines (if applicable)
    • Septic system design (if applicable)
    • City comments (if applicable)
    • Any additional zoning ordinance requirements
  6. Please review your request with a Zoning Office representative to determine if additional information must be submitted with this particular application.