CUP / IUP Permits

A Conditional Use Permit (CUP) or an Interim Use Permit (IUP) is required for property uses that have unusual site features or operating characteristics that meet the findings listed in SECTION 18 Subdivision 5, Item 3 and Subdivision 6, Item 4 (PDF) of the Sherburne County Zoning Ordinance.

Conditional Use Permits and Interim Use Permits require a Notice of a Public Hearing. An application can be picked up at the Zoning Office or downloaded here:

Application Instructions

  1. Read over the ordinance requirements, complete the application. Contact the Zoning Office with any questions.
  2. Once the application is submitted with the required fees to the Zoning Office, zoning staff will review your application to determine if it is complete, and a letter will be written to you acknowledging what is yet needed to consider your application complete. A copy of that letter is sent to the Township. Copies of your application may also be sent to other County departments, other government agencies, and if applicable the adjacent city.
  3. Once you have received acknowledgement that your application is complete with the exception of township comments, we will advise you to contact your Township to get on their meeting agenda. Do not contact the Township for a comment until the County staff has acknowledged in writing that all other items have been submitted.
  4. The township will place you on the agenda for their next available meeting and the Town Board will discuss the information that you have submitted to Planning and Zoning. They will make a formal recommendation regarding your request and forward it to the Zoning staff. That recommendation will become part of the information presented to the County Planning Commission at the public hearing, which will be held on your proposal.
  5. Once a recommendation has been received from the township and all required information has been submitted, your request will be scheduled for a public hearing in front of the County Planning Commission. Property owners within ¼ mile of the project site will be notified by mail of the request, the hearing date, location and time.
  6. The public hearing will be held before the Planning Commission and they will make a recommendation to be forwarded to the County Board.
  7. The County Board will make the final decision to approve or deny the request. For proposals in Big Lake, Baldwin, or Livonia Townships, final approval is also required from those Town Boards after the public hearing is held in front of the County Planning Commission.
  8. The final action will be recorded with the County Recorder's Office.