Range & Training

The Sherburne County Sheriff's Office is equipped with an indoor range and training center that is used not only for staff training; but also for training classes for the public as well as outside agency use. There is an average of 25 outside agencies who use our range/training center. Some of the agencies who use our training center on a regular basis include: DNR, USM, ICE, surrounding police agencies/swat teams and ATF.


The Sherburne County range has 12-50 yard lanes with an 180 degree firing arc available. All lanes are full auto rated, and side walls are rifle rated to .308 caliber. Lights, distance and tar- get movement are able to be controlled at the lane or from a central control room. Our range has a programmable control system with Mancon dual running man target action. The Sherburne County range is also equipped with a gun cleaning room with four gun cleaning stations.

Training Classrooms

The Sherburne County training center offers the following trainings to the public: