School Liaison Officers

School Liaison /  Kindness, Intelligence, Decency, & Safety (KIDS) Choice Program

Officer Responsibilities

School liaison officers are assigned to Becker, Big Lake and Zimmerman schools. They are in the schools to enforce laws, assist the school whenever possible, and gather information regarding illegal activity occurring in those cities. The school liaison officers are also responsible for teaching the KIDS Choice program to all of the fifth-grade students in Big Lake, Becker and Clearview Elementary in Clear Lake. They also teach a refresher course to the sixth-graders in those same schools.

KIDS Choice

KIDS Choice is a 12-week curriculum focused on bullying prevention, internet safety, and drug awareness and prevention. KIDS stands for Kindness, Intelligence, Decency, and Safety. These four words serve as an undercurrent for the curriculum itself with a focus on the positive choices available for the students now and in the future.

Big Lake Kids Choice graduation ceremony