Computer Forensics & Crime Analysis

Extracting Evidence

The Sherburne County Sheriff's Office has a computer analyst who specializes in extracting evidence from a number of devices. This greatly assists our investigators in cases involving child pornography, sex crimes, financial crimes and many other types of cases. Having that position as part of the sheriff's office staff eliminates the need to send computers and other devices to another agency to examine and reduces turn-around time during investigations. It is an important position as more of what the world does is contained on computers and smartphones.

Analyst Position & Collaboration

The office also has a specialist in crime analysis, and will be adding an Intelligence Center in 2019. The analyst works with other area departments to share information, crime patterns, suspect information and case data. We believe that sharing that data is crucial to solving crimes in Sherburne County and surrounding areas. Criminals don't typically commit their crimes in just one city or one county. Sharing that information with our surrounding partners helps us all make our communities safer.