Water & Wells

Properly constructed and maintained water wells can provide many years of trouble-free service, but like any other mechanical devices, wells will eventually deteriorate or become damaged, and allow surface contaminants to enter the water. In addition, some groundwater can contain one or more chemical substances in concentrations above state health limits.

Public Water System Tests

Public water systems are tested regularly for a variety of contaminants, but if you have a private well, regular testing is up to you. Here are some recommendations from the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) that you can follow to assure that your well water is safe.

Nitrate & Coliform Bacteria Tests

Nitrate and coliform bacteria water test kits are available to Sherburne County residents from the Zoning Office for a fee of $20. The kit includes a sample collection bottle, and water sampling instructions (PDF). Water samples are tested by Water Laboratories Inc, Elk River, Minnesota. For additional testing please call to find out current pricing and sampling procedures.

  1. To test for nitrate and coliform bacteria in your well, please use the following instructions:
  2. Pick up a water test kit from the Zoning Office (Cash or Check only).
    Read and follow the water sampling instructions (PDF).
    Send or deliver the sample to:
    Water Laboratories, Inc.
    333 Main Street NW
    P.O. Box 388
    Elk River, MN 55330

Water Laboratories will deliver the test results to Sherburne County Zoning. The Zoning Office will mail the test results to the resident and will also be available to discuss any necessary actions for decontamination of the well.