FEMA Floodplain Maps

Property Maps can be viewed on the Beacon website by using the following steps (please note that steps two and three may not appear if the site has been previously accessed):

  1. Navigate to the Beacon website.
  2. Choose Enter This Site.
  3. Make sure that Sherburne County is selected from the drop-down list. In order to proceed, agreement to the Beacon's terms and conditions must be indicated by checking the box.
  4. Select Property Search and then select Enter to continue to Beacon's property search page.
  5. From the property search page, you may locate a property by entering either a property address or Parcel Identification Number (PID).
  6. Once the property has been located select the Map tab to view a map of the property.
  7. From the menu:
    1. Select FEMA Flood to show what part of the property is considered floodplain.
    2. Select current Aerial Photos to see where structures are located on the property. Select the down arrows next to Legend to show the different type of flood designations.